About Eamonn

About Eamonn

Eamonn creates work at the intersection of live performance and media.  We are fast approaching the convergence of film, theater, and interactive media and Eamonn intends to be at the nexus of this thrilling coalescence.

As director/media designer of Anonymous Ensemble (AnEn), Eamonn has designed cutting edge projections and video for all of Anonymous Ensemble’s productions for over fifteen years.  AnEn specializes in the seamless integration of live camera work as a means to visually amplify live performance.  AnEn has also experimented extensively with web-integrated performance, interactive video-play and innovative live video production.  Anonymous Ensemble thinks of their work as staged films that incorporate and celebrate the immediacy of a live audience.  AnEn has produced work that has been presented all over the United States, Australia, Germany, The United Kingdom, Greece and Norway.

Eamonn also works as a freelance video designer for theatrical productions and opera.  The son of a painter who ran an art school for children, Eamonn learned the ABCs of visual art before he learned to read. He also draws heavily from his background in dance and choreography when working with line, motion and compositions of moving imagery on stage.  He has designed projections and multi-channel video for plays, concerts and operas all over New York City, regionally, and internationally. He designs extensively for director, Lee Breuer of Mabou Mines. Eamonn teaches “Live Film: Media Design for Performance” at Princeton University.

When approaching a design concept for a production, Eamonn likes to start with the question, “Why does this particular production need video?”  It’s important that the video elements be balanced with the live stage picture and don’t overpower the real bodies in space – which is the essence of theater. Eamonn always strives to use video to bolster the live performance rather than diminish it.

Eamonn has also worked as a freelance projectionist, video technician, and video supervisor – frequently installing projectors, screens, monitors, playback systems, etc. and has a general tech theater background and production management experience.  Video design should harmonize with costumes, lighting, sound, and set designs and Eamonn feels that it is important for a video designer to have a working knowledge of these areas as well.  Eamonn is generally works with Adobe Suite software for content creation and Isadora and/or Qlab for implementation. Eamonn’s company, AnEn Productions owns an iMac optimized for video playback that he can rent out to productions along with projectors, cameras, cables and sundry other gear.

Eamonn runs a collective arts space in Brooklyn called Montgomery Street Gardens.  The space consists of a rehearsal/media studio and office.  The Gardens is the home of Anonymous Ensemble and AnEn Productions.  AnEn’s media production facilities include: a fully sound-proofed audio recording room, audio recording equipment, a green-screen wall, a seamless backdrop, lighting equipment, video cameras etc.